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Take the Advance Digital Marketing Online Course by Urbnion and Learn from the best in the industry, Take your career to a brand new height and reach your goals fast, with comfort and style!

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1 Course - 17 Modules - 8 Certifications
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One Course that rules them all!

Urbnion Technologies’ ADVANCE DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE COURSE is designed for everybody, whether you are a student looking for a job, own a business, or a wannabe entrepreneur, it’s made just for you!
The ADVANCE DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE COURSE by Urbnion is the first of its kind Internet Marketing Online Training Program in India that consists of 17 modules that cover all the skills that a great Digital Marketer should possess. At the completion of the Advance Digital Marketing Online Course by Urbnion, you’ll be awarded 8 different Certifications that consists of 7 GOOGLE Certificates and one Industry recognised Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Marketing by Urbnion.

Digital Marketing

Overview and things to know before beginning.

Email Marketing

learn the fundamentals of email marketing and know how to land in the inbox.

Google AdWords

Familiarise with Google AdWords, now called Google Ads and it’s tools.

Facebook Marketing

Learn how to use the most popular social media platform to market your brand.

Twitter Marketing

Learn the advertisement tools of twitter marketing and more.

Instagram Marketing

Familiarise with the Instagram advertisement platform and Influencer marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn the fundamentals of SEO and some industries’ well-kept secrets to be ranked top in Google SERP

Online Display Advertising

Familiarise with the Display advertisement platform and its fundamentals.

Content Marketing

Learn how to create unique marketing content and how to rank it in the Google SERP.

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Familiarise with the top affiliate networks in the country and use them to earn money.

How To Grab Freelancing Projects?

Familiarise with the best freelancing platforms and learn how to grab some projects online.

Urbnion Certification

Earn an Industry recognised Certificate of proficiency in Digital Marketing By Urbnion.

Website Planning

Laying out a plan of a website on your preferred niche.

Lead Generation

Learn how to generate leads fast and efficiently, Make well-planned funnels and more.

Google Analytics

Learn to use Google analytics, Generate Reports, Use Tags and more.

LinkedIn Marketing

Familiarise with LinkedIn and the LinkedIn advertisements platform.

YouTube/Video Marketing

Learn how to use youtube for advertisement and types of different ads.

Pinterest Marketing

Familiarise with Pinterest, Learn how to navigate, how to use it for marketing and SEO.

Ecommerce Marketing

Familiarise with the Shopify platform, run a dropshipping E-com store and market it using previously learned techniques.

Mobile Web Marketing

Learn the fundamentals of mobile web marketing and more.

Online Reputation Management

How to deal with criticism and maintain a good brand image online.

Adsense & Blogging

Learn how to monetise your own website and make money online with AdSense and blogging.

Google Certifications

Earn 7 Google Certifications at the end of the course.

Free Tools and themes

Get free tools, themes and Industrie’s Secrets to give your digital marketing career that extra boost.

Invest Only Rs. 1200/- Rs. 650/- in Your Career and Become an Expert

The Advance Digital Marketing Online Course by Urbnion focuses on all the essential skills that a great Digital Marketing Expert should possess. After taking the course you’ll be equipped with just the right tools and wisdom to be ranked among the best in the industry and to be called A TRUE DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERT!

Learn by Doing

We Here At Urbnion Believe In Practical More Than Theories, There Is No Better Way Of Learning Than Doing!
The ADVANCE DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE COURSE by Urbnion is designed to make you learn everything about Digital Marketing by doing it yourself. You’ll be working on a live digital marketing project of your own from day one.

Build your portfolio

Build Your Portfolio And Reach The Top Of The Game Fast!
The ADVANCE DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE COURSE By Urbnion will help you build a strong portfolio that’ll help you reach the top of the Digital Game fast and with style!

Achieve your goals

Score That One Job You’ve Always Wanted or Be Your Own Boss And Become An Entrepreneur.
The ADVANCE DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE COURSE By Urbnion focuses on the aims of the student, whether you want to score that one perfect job you’ve always wanted, or start a business of your own and become an entrepreneur, This course will give you that much-needed boost so that you can achieve all your goals in no time.

” My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

We started working on our projects and building our websites the first day, every day we tracked our progress and in no time we were talking and working like Experts, That was an amazing feeling!

Divye Jain, Urbnion Trainee


These are some Frequently asked questions about our ADVANCE DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE COURSE.
If you have any other query or doubt about anything related to the course or about Urbnion in general, feel free to contact us, we’d love to help!

How much does the Advance Digital Marketing Online Course cost?

The Advance Digital Marketing Course in Ambala by Urbnion is designed for being very cost effective and a course with exceptionally high ROI. It is effectively priced at Rs. 650/-  (Including All Taxes).

Is Urbnion a Google Partner company?

We have an excellent list of Google Partner Individuals and trainers that have worked hard and earned their Google Certifications in the field of Internet Marketing and advertising, However, Urbnion itself is not yet a Google Partner Organisation, but we plan on becoming one very soon. One more thing, Please Beware of fake Google Partner companies that claim to be a Partner or to be associated somehow with Google. You can check their credibility by the clickable Google Partner’s Badge on their website. If the Partners Badge is not present or if it is not clickable and does not redirect you to the company’s Google Partner Profile page on the official ‘Google.com’ domain then the company is most probably faking its association with the Google Partners Program. Alternatively, You can ask them for their Google Partner Profile’s Link which can help you check their credibility as a Google Partner Company.

How can I pay for the course?

We here at Urbnion have a very flexible payment set up for all the people that want to learn with us. The fee for the Advance Digital Marketing Online Course by Urbnion can be paid online. We really appreciate the full amount being paid upfront, but if the need arises we can set up an easy payments plan on your request, wherein the full amount can be paid in small instalments throughout the course’s duration.

What certifications will I earn?

The Advance Digital Marketing Online Course by Urbnion offers a total of 8 Certifications that includes 7 different Certifications from Google and one Industry recognised Certificate of proficiency in Digital Marketing by Team Urbnion.

Do I have to take any exams at the end of the course?

We are very confident in our training program and are certain that once you complete all the 17 modules of the Advance Digital Marketing Course in Ambala by Urbnion, you will be an expert in the field of Internet Marketing, however, to earn the 7 different Google Certifications, you will need to take the exams conducted by Google for which Team Urbnion will prepare you.

What will be the Duration of the course?

The Advance Digital Marketing Online Course by Urbnion is an elaborate training program set for a SELF PACED learning experience. During this time, you will learn and work on the seventeen predefined modules of Digital Marketing. 90% of the training program is set around practical work like building a website, SEO, Social Media Marketing and much more to make you learn by doing.

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